• Christoper Byrne


The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool. 15th July - 25th August 2018.

The dictionary definition of 'Imprint' includes 'marking a surface, or fixing an event or experience in the memory so that it cannot be forgotten'.

Appropriate, as I'll be collaborating with Landscape Artist, and my mum, May Byrne in what will be our first joint exhibition. Appropriate and poignant, as the body of work we will be exhibiting will be reminiscent of the times spent during my childhood in Oldshoremore, Durness, Kinlochbervie and Polin.

In recent times, trips North have centred around Ullapool and exploring the wonderful, ancient scenery and contemporary vibe of the town itself.

The body of work is still under construction. Updates on my blog will keep you up to date on how it progresses. Visit to see how my mum is faring with her body of work for 'Imprint'.



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