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Imprint- Opening Night

Imprint is open! After an extremely efficent (hectic) travel and set up within 24 hours, 'Imprint' opened to the public on Sunday 16th July. A day where no other major event was happening *cough* World Cup Final *cough*.

'Imprint' was the first exhibition in which I exhibited work alongside my Mum and Landscape Artist, May Byrne. It's safe to say, it won't be the last. The exhibition is currently being hosted at The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool. A fantastic space, that promotes the viewer to fully engage with the work on a more personal level. This exhibition isn't like the sleek and stylised shows of the big cities, but really tries to connect to the landscape of Ullapool on a more intimate level, and invites the viewer to do the same.

The greatest difficulty with an exhibition like this, is the flow of the show. First off, the interlinking of two artists work could be a problem. However, my mum and myself both shared a studio space at An Talla Solais for a brief period of time earlier in the year. The facilities were top notch and i really did not want to leave. Working at An Talla Solais allowed us to work through our ideas and get to the core of what the show would be about. Once this was established, we could independantly work in our own studios on our body of work. This meant that both bodies of work complemented one another, whilst maintaining their own identity.

The flow of the show was structured through colour. Colour transitioned between paintings, drawing the viewer around the entire show. Colour really works well in this situation as it will draw your eye in both directions around the exhibition instead of one.

Imprint captures the landscape of Ullapool through the many atmospheric changes it goes through. From the very bright and inviting bays to the hostile, aggressive moors. It can be a bit of a cliche, but there really is a painting for everyone at this show.

The local Art community in Ullapool got fully behind the show and it was brilliant to engage with other artists who are more familiar with the landscape and get their thoughts and opinions on the exhibition.

Big thanks to The Ceilidh Place and to their Art Director, Mairearad Green, who made sure the whole set up and Exhibition ran smoothly.

'Imprint' is open until August 24th 2018. If you're in Ullapool or on the North Coast 500, check it out!



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