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MEET THE MEMBERS | CHRISTOPHER BYRNE "I view my work as relics and fragments of exploration. I’m interested in examining how structures and places were viewed or used in the past, how they have changed over time, and now, how we see them today.

My work doesn't follow a linear pattern. It is an interlinking process, with each style of work informing the others. Each piece is an exploration, whether that’s through painting, etching, drawing, film, photography or screen printing.

With family ties to the Outer Hebrides, my knowledge of the landscape came not only from how I saw it, but from stories passed down from generation to generation. The landscape spoke for itself, and allowed me to interrogate building typology and context through the remnants of crofts and crofted lands.

When studying in Glasgow, I saw this to be true across Scotland. And Glasgow’s Clydeside’s industrial remnants are also a great inspiration. My work considers these contemporary ruins; from the aesthetics of decay to the reclaiming of the space by culture and nature. I invite the viewer to explore the structure through my aesthetic vision. My hope is to promote the importance of the ruin, as it feels as though feel these structures have become forgotten."

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